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diving board for boat

Diving Boards for Boats and Taking a Vacation

We have a very complicated relationship with vacations. Most of us get time off to use at our leisure, yet many of you will not use all, if any, of your allotted time off. There are several reasons for this including the fact that a lot of you are overworked and can’t justify taking any…

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Diving Boards for Boats and Naming Your Boat

If you have never owned a boat, you have no idea what it is like to have to name it. To the non-boater, naming a boat might seem like a fun event. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, naming your boat is a very serious task that should not be taken…

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Diving Boards for Boats and Boat Security

When talk at the Tiki-bar at the marina turns to piracy, most people envision acts of waterborne skulduggery and Johnny Depp. Black Beard might not be a threat to your boat, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions to protect it. Boat theft is on the rise and while you can’t park yourself on…

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Diving Boards for Boats and Boat Shows

There is a whole lot more to do at a boat show than just look at boats. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with looking at boats, but you should know that you will be thoroughly entertained if you do attend a boat show. When you take a look at your boating calendar,…

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Buy a Diving Board for Your Boat with Your Tax Refund

The IRS says the average tax refund for individuals is right around $3,000. For the majority of Americans, this represents a nice chunk of money. There are many ways in which you can spend your money. For example, you can buy a boat. And if you already own a boat, you can buy a diving…

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Diving Boards for Boats and Buying Your First Boat

Are you thinking about buying a boat? That’s great news and we highly recommend it. Don’t pet that pit bull, don’t put anything up your nose and don’t take that 6th shot of vodka. For all of your life, you have been given some pretty solid advice, of which you basically ignored. Which is sad…

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Diving Boards for Boats and Being Bored

So it’s the middle of winter and you live in a part of the country that is getting slammed by snow and frigid cold temperatures. Sorry. It’s bad enough that you can’t partake in your favorite pastime, boating, but it is even worse when you can’t even go outside and do something fun. Christmas is…

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Diving Board for Boats and Naming Your Boat

Seas the Day Luna Sea Nauti Buoy Aquaholic The one thing these phrases have in common is that they are really awesome boat names. Given the folklore surrounding boat names, people are often quite hesitant to rename a boat they bought used. If this is the case, either get over it or buy a new,…

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Diving Boards for Boats and Boating Etiquette

As a recreational sport, boating has been around for several hundred years. And during this time many traditions and customs have been developed in order to help relieve the stresses involved when many boats are on the same lake or in the same area. When you take up boating, you don’t get a pamphlet with…

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