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boat diving boards

Boat Diving Boards and Early Retirement

For many Americans, early retirement is a dream they have had since they entered the workforce all those years ago. About half of all Americans wind up retiring early, between the ages of 61 and 65. And a whopping 20% of American workers retire before they reach the age of 60. Why do so many…

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Boat Diving Boards and Owning a Yacht

The decision to buy a yacht should not just be a financial one. No sir, you buy a yacht for a variety of reasons. After all, buying a yacht is a lifestyle choice. Owning a yacht and spending a lot of time on it should be something that you really want to do. Without a…

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Boat Diving Boards and Pirates

Ahoy, me hearties! September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk like a pirate when you are out on your boat. It is, after all, a blast shouting “Ahoy” to everyone you see and calling people on shore landlubbers. In fact, some people take things a little further…

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Boat Diving Boards and Social Media

Given the number of diseases that sicken or kill people every year, you would think that sitting isn’t the worst thing you can do for your health. Well, we have some bad news, sitting is the new smoking and if you are doing too much of it, it is killing you. But there is something…

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Boat Diving Boards and Boat Towing

You don’t need to spend $75,000 on the biggest pickup truck on the lot just so you can tow your boat. If you are in need of a vehicle to tow your boat, there are several choices you can go with. Whether you own a pontoon or a sailboat, you can’t enjoy a day on…

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Boat Diving Boards and Living on a Boat

Living on land can get quite boring. So pack up all of your things and go live on a boat. For many people, getting out in a boat on the open water is a great way to spend a holiday or weekend. But for some people, the fun does not end late Sunday afternoon. These…

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Boat Diving Boards and Reasons Not to Go Camping

You were nice enough to invite your neighbor to go out boating with you. It was a success and your neighbor had a blast. Now, your neighbor wants to pay you back for your kindness by inviting you to go on a camping trip. You politely declined. You see, while there are many people who…

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Boat Diving Boards and Reasons Why Winter Stinks

At this very moment, there are millions of people looking out the window and seeing snow falling, a lot of snow. Many of these very same people are listening to warnings on the radio not to drive and to just stay home and ride the storm out. There are a whole lot of people out…

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Boat Diving Boards and Boat Lingo

Phrases and idioms sourced from life at sea are as abundant and diverse as the very sailors who have traveled the oceans for hundreds of years. So it should be of little surprise that some of these terms have worked their way into our daily vernacular. For example, if you are on board with the…

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