Once elevated, the gas can is easily held in the correct position utilizing LilliPad’s “cut-out” design and by transferring the weight of the can to the mounted funnel.  Fuel is able to flow freely into the large mouth of the LilliPad Marine Funnel’s reservoir and any possible splashing is captured by the funnel’s screen system. LilliPad’s custom, translucent, fuel-rated, kink-free, 6’ or 10.5’ hose allows the user to easily reach a vessels fuel fill from the mount location and to monitor fuel flow. The funnel’s machined, aluminum-nozzle is designed to fit the EPA fuel fills precisely, will not spark when struck against other materials, and includes a stainless-steel ball valve allowing a user to adjust the speed of flow and/or to manually start or stop flow. As the LilliPad Marine Funnel is not designed to contain fuel, the lid is engineered to shield the funnel reservoir from contaminants while also allowing excess fuel vapors to escape.  Ultimately, LilliPad Marine Funnel makes transferring fuel in a marine environment quick, safe, and hassle free. 


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The LilliPad Marine Funnel is the latest advancement in dock fueling equipment allowing users to easily transfer fuel from portable fuel containers (gasoline cans) into watercraft at a private dock. 

The LilliPad Marine Funnel mounts directly to a dock or boat lift and offers an aesthetically pleasing cabinet design.  Fabricated with a modular mounting system, LilliPad Marine Funnel can be moved to multiple mount locations by installing additional mount brackets, as needed.  With the funnel mounted on a dock or lift, a user is able to utilize both hands to lift and stabilize their gas can.  

stainless steel hardware and urethane spring components.  In addition, LilliPad Diving Boards offer traction materials and an adjustable stabilizer rail for safe jumping and a quick release pin to lower the diving board while it is not in use.                                                     

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The Innovation Award winning LilliPad Diving Board is the world’s only diving board designed specifically for mounting on a boat.  The diving board is most popular on pontoons, cruisers, houseboats, & yachts; but is compatible with most boats over 18 feet with a flat and solid surface for installation.

LilliPad Diving Boards can be fully removed from the boat in less than two minutes, collapses for storage, offers multiple tension settings for heavier and lighter jumpers and incredibly, when you jump - you don't rock the boat!

Unlike so many "Lake Toys" on the market today, LilliPad Diving Boards are built to last! Our diving boards are built with heavy wall, aluminum extrusions,


LilliPad Diving Boards