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Pontoon Diving Boards and Boating Myths

Pontoon Diving Boards and Boating Myths

There are two types of people in the world; there are those who boat and those who don’t. Boating is adventurous, relaxing and fun and quite honestly, we don’t understand why everybody doesn’t do it. It could have to do with the misconceptions there are about boating. This is a shame because you might not be boating right now because of something you heard that is totally not true.

Our culture has this tendency to shun things that are not completely understood. We are a group of people who judge books by the cover, mock what we don’t understand and we are far too gullible about things we read and hear about. If we hear that boating is a costly habit, many of us take that at face value. But when we believe these untruths, they keep us from doing things we might thoroughly enjoy.

You could be missing out on the adventures of your life because of misconceptions you have about boating. That is really sad.

Lillipad Marine, your source for pontoon diving boards, shares some misconceptions about boating.

Naming Your Boat

There are some people who think that unless you follow some aged tradition when naming your boat, you will anger Neptune and have to suffer his torment. Others think that if you give your boat anything other than a female name, you are destined to suffer through bad weather, sea storms and perhaps even a shipwreck with yourself and the six other people on your boat.

We don’t know what drives these beliefs, it could be a number of reasons. It could be somebody may have read about ceremonial boat-naming ritual in the twelfth century. Perhaps it is because of a deep-seated belief in Neptune from watching too many episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. We really don’t know.

What we do know is that you can name your boat anything you desire and have fun in the process.

More Propeller Blades Means A Faster Boat

Believing that more propeller blades on your boat make it go faster is kind of like thinking that your car will go faster with more wheels on it. The fact is that the more blades you have on your propeller, the smoother your boat will go through the water. More propeller blades help reduce vibration and give you a ride that is smoother and more comfortable.

The only way to make your boat go faster is with a big engine.

Your iPhone Apps Apps Are All You Need As Far As Technology Is Concerned

Uh, no, we don’t think so. While you can find some pretty cool boating apps that can be utilized while you are boating, there are other devices you need to ensure a safe trip. Warning systems, GPS and radar are used to navigate safely through the water. And should your phone fail for whatever reason, you will be glad you have the right equipment on board.

Boating Costs A Lot Of Money

Recreation costs money, there is no doubt about that. But when you consider the cost of boating to other hobbies, it really does fall into line.

Some ways you can reduce costs are by stretching out your boat payments over a longer period of time and be frugal when it comes to all of the boating gadgets you think you need.

Boating Takes Up Too Much Time

Sure it does. You have to pack up the gear, get the kids ready and drive to your favorite boating spot. But then, any hobby you take up is going to eat into your couch potato time.

So go ahead and buy a boat, it will be fun. And don’t forget to buy a diving board from Lillipad Marine either.





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