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Pontoon Diving Board and Winter Boat Projects

Pontoon Diving Board and Winter Boat Projects

Admit it, you are bored. Well, if not now, by the time the holidays are over you will be. Chances are you are counting the days until spring when you can take your boat back out on the lake.

The leaves are raked, the gutters are cleaned and now you spend most of your time binge-watching unmemorable television shows on Netflix. Either that or you take a nap, or two. What you need is a project that will keep you busy through the winter. Something to take your mind off the fact you are not in your boat on the water having the time of your life.

Lillipad Marine, home of the pontoon diving board, offers these boat projects you can do this winter to stay busy and sane.

Hoses and Clamps

You never think twice about the hoses and clamps on your boat, until a clamp breaks free or a hose starts to leak. They are so underappreciated. Winter is the perfect time of year to make a thorough inspection of your hoses and clamps and change out worn ones before trouble starts.

You will want to take your time and methodically go through your boat and carefully inspect all of the hoses and clamps. Hoses that are old, kinked, cracked or otherwise damaged need to be replaced. The same holds true with the hose clamps.

Spruce Up Your Electrical System

Have you taken a look under your console? Watch out, you might get tangled up in a mass of wires. Perhaps the wires wrapped around your bilge pump is an embarrassment. Well, there is no time than right now to tidy up your electrical system.

No, this does not mean you have to tear everything apart and start from scratch. All it means is you need to get some wire clamps and clean things up. Of course, if you find some damaged or worn wires while on this project, now would be a good time to replace them.

New Paint

Yes, this is a project that will take gumption and a little skill, but it will give your boat a whole new look. If you don’t know where to begin, Google and YouTube are good starting places.

That said, don’t be afraid to ask people who have experience in this sort of thing for advice. Also, take it slow and easy, this is a project that you could milk over several weekends, it doesn’t have to get done all at once.

Check Your Batteries

One of the most common problems people have while boating is a dead battery. Winter is the perfect time of year to pull your batteries and go to have them tested. While you are at it, clean up or replace battery cables.

Install a Diving Board

If you don’t have a diving board for your boat, buy one from Lillipad Marine today. If you have purchased one, install it this winter and come spring, you are all set for some fun.

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