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Diving Boards for Boats and Being Bored

Diving Boards for Boats and Being Bored

So it’s the middle of winter and you live in a part of the country that is getting slammed by snow and frigid cold temperatures. Sorry. It’s bad enough that you can’t partake in your favorite pastime, boating, but it is even worse when you can’t even go outside and do something fun.

Christmas is over, you have already spent the last several weeks binge-watching your favorite shows and your football team is down to one final game as they weren’t good enough to get in the playoffs and now you have nothing, literally nothing to do. We can help.

Boredom at some point in your life is inevitable, it’s just going to happen. But what makes it worse in the winter is that you feel so trapped in your house. At least when you are bored in the summer you can be bored while sipping an iced tea while soaking up the sun lying in your backyard.

So let’s turn this around and come up with some creative activities that will help you get out of your current funk. Lillipad Marine, your source for diving boards for boats, offers things to do when you are bored.

Learn the Alphabet

Yes, yes, we have all know the alphabet since we were, like four years old. But we are betting that you don’t know the German alphabet or the Spanish alphabet. So it would be so cool if you could spout off the Hindi alphabet, cooler than a Popsicle at the North Pole.

While you are at it, go ahead and learn to count to 20 or 100 in another language. You know, just for fun since you aren’t doing anything right now anyway.

Color Code Your Closet

Pull all of your pants and shirts out of the closet. Now as you put them back, do it by color. Basically, when you are done your hung shirts will resemble a rainbow. There is a meaning to this madness, of course. The next time you are looking for a shirt to match your work khakis, you can choose by color. Besides, you’re bored right now and have nothing else to do.

Get Into Tie Tying

You might, might know one way to tie a tie. What you should do is with the help of YouTube, learn how to tie a tie in as many ways as possible. There are many ways to tie a tie including the Half Windsor, Oriental and Four-In-Hand. Imagine how this new talent will impress your friends.

Make a Fort

Take the couch cushions, blankets, cardboard boxes, whatever you can find, and build the king of all forts in your living room. Make sure to get the kids involved in this project. After the fort is constructed, sit in it and watch The Goonies on your iPad while sipping hot chocolate and eating microwaved smores.

And if you are really bored, you could go online and order that boat diving board from Lillipad Marine. Go ahead, you will feel better when you do.






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