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Diving Board for Boats and Naming Your Boat

Diving Board for Boats and Naming Your Boat

Seas the Day

Luna Sea

Nauti Buoy


The one thing these phrases have in common is that they are really awesome boat names. Given the folklore surrounding boat names, people are often quite hesitant to rename a boat they bought used. If this is the case, either get over it or buy a new, unnamed boat and name it yourself. Naming your boat is one of the best things about owning it.

A boat’s name depends on a number of factors. For example, your boat’s name should reflect your personality, loves in your life, your life’s philosophy, your life’s work or lost loves. Your boat plays a number of roles in your life. Your boat is an adventure, an escape, a home, a lifestyle and a silent confident. Your boat is all of those things and needs an appropriate name.

You could stick with tradition and name your boat after your sweetheart, or former sweetheart as the case may be. If you have loved and lost or been jilted, you can use the name of a former lover as a form of catharsis.

If you are dead set against naming your boat after a love interest, your boat’s name could represent a dark period of your life or struggle that you eventually overcame. The name of your boat could be a quest you devoted yourself to. The name of your boat can also be something quite simple, like your favorite nightcap.

If you are having a difficult time naming your boat, we can help. Lillipad Marine, your source for diving boards for boats, offers these tips to naming your boat.

Keep It Short

You want to keep the name for your boat short for several reasons. The name of your boat should be short and sweet and right to the point. Also, you want people to remember the name of your boat and this gets more difficult with a long name. But most importantly, if you ever get into trouble at sea, you will have to call in your boat’s name by spelling it out. So it should be something you can spell out rather quickly and with ease and no confusion.

Keep It Fun

Keep it fun and use your imagination when naming your boat. Whatever you come up with, remember that the name should suit you.

Be Original

Sure, Seas the Day is a really cool and clever name, but that doesn’t mean you should steal it. In fact, that’s a really bad idea and will lead to bad Karma. It’s perfectly fine, however, to take a look at lists of boat names to get your creative juices flowing. We are sure there will be inspiration in other boat names.

It’s OK To Mix Business And Pleasure

There are a lot of you out there who have a passion for their line of work. That’s great. If this is true, there is no rule that states you can’t incorporate your career in a boat name. If you are a teacher and love teaching, find a way to use it in your boat name.

Perhaps you hate what you do for a living, or it is a source of embarrassment or curiosity for others. Then, by all means, come up with a name that plays on your job or job title with sarcasm.

The Ones You Love

Even if you don’t want to use the name of a spouse or other love interest, consider using the name or names of your children, parents or other family members you love.

Consider A Feminine Touch

The best boat names aren’t always too jokey or don’t get too cute. Aside from the fact that the majority of boat owners refer to their boats as “she,” it is timeless and tasteful to give your boat a simple female name. Whether you are inspired by your wife, mother, daughter or elementary school teacher, consider naming your boat after a worthy female.

Take Your Time

We know that once you get your boat you are going to want to name it right away. Don’t go with the first words that pop into your head, take your time. It is best to come up with a lot of names and narrow it down from there.

And in your quest for the perfect name, don’t forget to order a diving board from Lillipad Marine.




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