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Boat Diving Boards and Water Tubing

Boat Diving Boards and Water Tubing

We happen to think that water tubing is one of the most fun activities on the water. It comes in close second after diving into the water from your diving board. Water tubing is an activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family. All you need to do it is a body of water, tube and a boat to pull it. But as with any activity you do in your boat or on the water, you must be prepared. If you are planning on spending the day water tubing, you will get burned up and be miserable unless you are dressed properly, have the right equipment and bring plenty of sunscreen.

Lillipad Marine, your source for boat diving boards, offers you this list of essential gear that you need to have when you are going to spend the day water tubing.

Air Pump

The tubes you use on the water will need to be filled with air, and you can’t be expected to blow them up by mere lung power. Even if you take the time to pump up the tubes before heading to the lake, you never know if one might have a slow leak or otherwise loses air throughout the day. It is best to be prepared and have a pump with you.

Proper Clothing

Water tubing can be a very fast and adventurous ride. And make no mistake about it, you will suffer your fair share of bumps and spills. It will be in your best interest if you wear clothing appropriate for the event. This means you need to wear clothing that is tight-fitting on your body and offers a bit of protection. That string bikini or a pair of Speedos isn’t going to do you any favors. Water tubing is not the type of activity that calls for the newest fashion. When you hit the water with the wrong clothes, one spill will leave you looking quite unfashionable.


Sunscreen is critical if you plan on spending the day water tubing. Even if you get the waterproof stuff, it is going to come off while the water is spraying your body as you speed through the wakes. And if you are out all day, you will cook unless you are applying sunscreen on a regular basis. Use a high SPF to ensure maximum protection.


You will be burning up plenty of calories surfing the wakes, so make sure you bring a lot of food. In addition to a substantial lunch, bring along plenty of snacks to keep everyone going. Granola bars, fruit rolls and peanuts are all great suggestions.


It’s pretty much a no-brainer that you are going to get quite thirsty out in the sun and heat all day, even if you are on the water. It is important that you have enough water to keep you and your crew properly hydrated through the day.

Life Jackets

Even the best of swimmers need to have a life jacket when they are water tubing. Getting thrown off a water tube at a high rate of speed can be scary and it is even worse if you don’t have a life jacket. Be safe and wear a life jacket, even if you have all the swimming confidence in the world.

Skier Down Flag

Safety is important when you are water tubing. There are going to be wipe-outs, so putting out the skier down flag will let other boaters know that someone is down in the water and to be careful.

Stay safe and have when next time you go water tubing and order your boat diving board from Lillipad Marine.






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