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Boat Diving Boards and the Type of People You Meet at Boat Shows

Boat Diving Boards and the Type of People You Meet at Boat Shows

When you head to your local dealership to take a look at new vehicles, you are bound to run into others who are shopping for new cars as well. If you were to stop and do some people watching at dealerships, you will find there are several types of shoppers. You have the guy who insists on kicking the tires and slamming the car door and then you have the person who is totally clueless as to what to do.

If you were to attend a boat show, where boats are bought and sold, you will find all types of boaters who are in the market for a boat. And just like with people who are interested in buying a vehicle, boat shows attract certain types of boaters. Lillipad Marine, home of the boat diving board, offers a rundown of the types of boaters you will see at a boat show.

The Grizzled Seaman

This is what most people picture in their minds when they think about a boat person. Sure, it might be something from a cartoon or dated television sitcom, but the truth of the matter is that they do indeed exist.

The grizzled seaman sports a gray beard, tanned, leathery skin and will argue with just about anybody about the finer points of their favorite knot.

What you won’t see is a man wearing an eye patch who tells tall tales that even kids see right through. That you only see on television and in the movies.

In fact, the grizzled seaman will be rather dashing and well-dressed. Don’t be surprised to find he wears a Rolex and prefers scotch over rum.

The Family Man

The family man has such good intentions. You see, all he wants is to buy a nice little boat for his family to enjoy. Of course, he will have to explain to them all of the joys of spending a weekend on a boat, because they’re not completely warmed up to the idea of being on the water for such a long period of time.

Nothing ever goes as planned, though. His wife insists that buying a boat is a bad investment and would rather have a new mink coat. His daughter thinks they should be spending money on a new car for her as she will be 16 very soon. Her disinterest is obvious as she is only concerned with selfies and her smartphone.

The young son gets excited about everything; overly excited actually. As we speak, he is tearing through every boat like a Tasmanian devil, jumping on lifeboats and literally touching every console button and knob.

The family man is patient, but he does have his limits.

The Secret Millionaire

What is the difference between the chap who is dressed down in Levi jeans and sweatshirt from JC Penny and the guy who is sporting jeans by Dolce and Gabbana and limited edition Balenciagas from Neiman Marcus? The chap in the Levi’s is a millionaire.

If you doubt us, check out the hardware on his wrist. Even the most secretive millionaires can’t resist a nice watch.

The Fender Kicker

Just as there will be some fool kicking fenders and slamming doors at the auto dealership, so there will be one at the boat show. Boat dealers despise this guy because he will waste their time asking detailed questions about the inner working of an electric toilet before deciding the 60-foot cruise boat isn’t his style and settling instead for an eight-foot rowboat.

The First-Timer

There will always be somebody standing in the middle of it all with a pained look on their face. They are intensely staring at signs and boats with no ideas what move to make next.

You might see them several times as they will get lost and wind up taking a tour of the same boat two or three times.

The Stylish Wife

The stylish wife spends her day strutting around sporting enormous sunglasses and a skin-tight outfit doing nothing really expect telling cowering salesman how much nicer her boat is than theirs. And you can bet there will be a dog poking his head out of her Lana Marks Cleopatra bag.

Of course, all you want is a boat for your diving board from Lillipad Marine. But you still have to put up with the types of people you see at the boat show.

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