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Benefits of Boating, Part 1

Boating is booming as a recreational activity, showing steady growth for seven consecutive years. Boating is popular for many reasons, from being a great physical activity to spending quality time with the family. Experts will tell you it is economic growth and consumer confidence that are driving this boom in boating, but Lillipad Marine believes fun is what is driving boating. There’s nothing quite like being on and in the water on a hot summer day and enjoying all that life affords.


Lillipad Marine offers the best diving boards for boats in the business. Easy to install and compact, these diving boards take up little space and are built to last, made out of heavy aluminum and stainless steel hardware. Below, we’ll go over some of the many wonderful benefits for you to consider as you ponder your next summer out on the lake, and then contact us today for your boat diving board!




  1. Family activity. Boating is something the entire family can enjoy together. Due to the variety of boating and the many activities you can do on a boat, there is bound to be something that will get every member of your family excited. Whether you just like to sit up front and feel the cool breeze on your face and the water spray hit your body or you love water skiing around the lake or jumping from Lillipad Marine’s boat diving boards, boating can entertain the whole family for hours. Plus, boating has enough relaxation and down time built in that you can bond as a family. Your kids will find the time to talk about problems at school, and you’ll find the time to process your week. There is no doubt that boating as a family will provide memories for a lifetime.
  2. Being in nature. With so many of us living in a city now and sitting at computers for eight hours a day, you need time to reconnect to nature and just enjoy being outside. When you hear the ducks quack, the gulls call, and the waves crash against the boat, you can feel grateful to be alive in this moment with your family experiencing all that the world has to offer you. You’ll gain an appreciation for the fish and the frog who all make your day a pleasure.
  3. Physical exercise. As anyone who has just loaded and unloaded a boat into the water knows, going boating is definitely a calorie burner. Whether you are jumping off Lillipad Marine’s boat diving boards all day long or you are water skiing, tubing, or just fishing, you will be moving the entire day when you go boating.
  4. Stress relief. The innate rocking motion of a boat due to the waves soothes us and calms our brains as well. Rocking while trying to fall asleep helps us to fall asleep faster and achieve deeper sleep because it causes our brain waves to synchronize. 
  5. Enhances creativity. No matter what you do in life, spending time in nature can make it better. When you truly sit, and watch the sun set, or watch a honey bee gather pollen from flower to flower, you’ll learn something you can adapt into your life, whether you’re an artist, a writer, a computer programmer, or just a grandma. Watching the wind blow the trees, or running for shelter when an afternoon thunderstorm hits, you’ll be guaranteed to take something with you that others don’t have that you can use in your life, from career to just mental fortitude.


Recent studies by Dr. Wallace Nichols, a marine biologist who is the author of the book Blue Mind, shows a scientific connection to water and happiness. He states, “The mere sight and sound of water promotes wellness by lowering cortisol, increases serotonin, and induces relaxation. It only makes sense that being on a boat is one of the best ways to access the wellness benefits of the water.”



Lillipad Diving Boards are hands-down the best in the boating industry. Taking up very little place, you get the actual spring of a diving board to do flips and dives from. Fitting any size boat 18 feet or longer that has a solid, flat surface from which to jump from, our boat diving boards are safe, effective, and durable. These boat diving boards are designed to be used by children or adults up to 250 pounds. It even comes with an adjustable pin for lighter or heavier users. Available in a variety of colors, this diving board for boats can match your boat and blend right in. Lillipad Diving Boards come in one size, but with two possible mounts, either a Surface or an Underfloor Mount Diving Board.


To make your boating routine and life even more enjoyable, Lillipad’s Marine Funnel will help you refuel your boat effortlessly and with no spills. Let’s face it, the smell of spilled gasoline can drown out the effects of nature’s natural aromas. Our funnel hose is specially designed to not freeze or kink in odd places, and the nozzle is made of aircraft grade aluminum with a stainless-steel ball valve. On top of all that, you can use your Marine Funnel for multiple purposes, such as for filling your lawn mower or for your other powersports needs, such as ATVs.


Lillipad Marine believes in offering a top-notch, quality product to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Visit us online today to order our Lillipad Diving Boards or our Lillipad Marine Funnel, or visit a select dealer near you!

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