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More Safety Tips of Boating with Children

From the moment you become a parent, you are in protection mode. Your job is to raise your child to the age of 18 and beyond, safely, securely, and lovingly. This is a non-stop job that is the hardest job in the world. Kids have no concept of safety, and consequences are something learned slowly…

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Top 5 Safety Tips of Boating with Children

LilliPad Marine is the maker of the best boat diving boards. Our mission is for you to maximize your fun on your boat and with your family. There’s no doubt that our diving board for boats is insanely popular with children. Being able to dive, flip, and just jump in the water can provide hours…

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How to Take Your Dog Boating, Part 2

In our previous blog post, we discussed helpful tips on how to take your dog boating. Most of us love our dogs like children (well, almost). We recognize and value the companionship they provide us, the friendship, the protection, and the warm body late at night. Our dogs are irreplaceable, and knowing that we will…

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How to Take Your Dog Boating, Part 1

Most of us treat our dogs like furry members of the family who go places with us, do things with us, and even sleep with us. They are our loyal, constant companions and give us immense joys in this life we wouldn’t have otherwise.    Thus, when it comes time to go boating, you want…

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Benefits of Boating, Part 2

Lillipad Marine has been making the best diving boards for boats for years for the express purpose of adding to your boating experience. Boating is fun, exciting, thrilling, and relaxing to name just a few of the benefits. In this blog post, we’ll continue our series on the benefits of boating by adding in just…

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Benefits of Boating, Part 1

Boating is booming as a recreational activity, showing steady growth for seven consecutive years. Boating is popular for many reasons, from being a great physical activity to spending quality time with the family. Experts will tell you it is economic growth and consumer confidence that are driving this boom in boating, but Lillipad Marine believes…

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Pontoon Diving Boards and Mixtapes

Anybody reading this likely falls into one of two categories: Those who love mixtapes and those who have never heard of them. Of course, there is also a small group of people who know what mixtapes are, but would rather poke fun of the people who make them. We are here to tell you that…

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Boat Diving Boards and Early Retirement

For many Americans, early retirement is a dream they have had since they entered the workforce all those years ago. About half of all Americans wind up retiring early, between the ages of 61 and 65. And a whopping 20% of American workers retire before they reach the age of 60. Why do so many…

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Diving Boards for Boats and Coastal Destinations

As Labor Day approaches, people who own boats begin to daydream about the coastal destinations they plan on visiting. That is one of the perks of owning a boat, you can skip the road trip and ride the waves to wherever you want to go instead. When the coast is calling, your boat can take…

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Boat Diving Boards and Owning a Yacht

The decision to buy a yacht should not just be a financial one. No sir, you buy a yacht for a variety of reasons. After all, buying a yacht is a lifestyle choice. Owning a yacht and spending a lot of time on it should be something that you really want to do. Without a…

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