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Archive for March 2019

Boat Diving Boards and Boat Lingo

Phrases and idioms sourced from life at sea are as abundant and diverse as the very sailors who have traveled the oceans for hundreds of years. So it should be of little surprise that some of these terms have worked their way into our daily vernacular. For example, if you are on board with the…

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Pontoon Diving Boards and Spring Cleaning Your Boat

That day has finally arrived. Indeed, today is the first day of spring and we can sense the excitement in the air. It has been a long and rough winter for many of you and most of us are ready to welcome warmer weather, longer days and boating activities. Boaters from all over the country…

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Boat Diving Boards and Living on a Boat

For many, hitting the open water on a boat for the weekend is a great way to get away from the hectic lives we lead. For some people, the excitement of being on a boat doesn’t end Sunday afternoon. Living on a boat is something many people have probably thought about, especially while sitting at…

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Diving Boards for Boats and Boat Security

When talk at the Tiki-bar at the marina turns to piracy, most people envision acts of waterborne skulduggery and Johnny Depp. Black Beard might not be a threat to your boat, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions to protect it. Boat theft is on the rise and while you can’t park yourself on…

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Pontoon Diving Boards and Swimming

If you love to swim, you are probably looking forward to summer. If you aren’t looking forward to swimming in the summer, perhaps you need reasons to go swimming. If you enjoy exercising, then you should definitely be looking forward to swimming this summer. Face it, treadmills are boring as can be and dumbbells have…

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Boat Diving Boards and Losing Weight

You have logged some serious hours at the gym over the winter and you are ready to shed those winter coats and hats and don a bikini or swimsuit. Who are you kidding? You spent the winter making promises to yourself that next week you will start going to the gym and working out. In…

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