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Archive for January 2019

Pontoon Diving Boards and Prepping for Boating Season

You are one of the millions of boaters who can’t wait until spring. You are itching to get your boat out of storage and back into the water. It’s still the middle of winter, yet you are already planning for that spring day when you get to see your boat again. Well, we suppose it…

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Boat Diving Boards and Being Bored

Why are you reading this article? It could be simply because you are bored out of your mind. We are right in the middle of winter and the closest you can get to boating is reading boating articles, which you are doing right now. The problem is that as soon as you finish this article,…

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Diving Boards for Boats and Buying Your First Boat

Are you thinking about buying a boat? That’s great news and we highly recommend it. Don’t pet that pit bull, don’t put anything up your nose and don’t take that 6th shot of vodka. For all of your life, you have been given some pretty solid advice, of which you basically ignored. Which is sad…

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