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Archive for December 2018

Diving Boards for Boats and Being Bored

So it’s the middle of winter and you live in a part of the country that is getting slammed by snow and frigid cold temperatures. Sorry. It’s bad enough that you can’t partake in your favorite pastime, boating, but it is even worse when you can’t even go outside and do something fun. Christmas is…

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Boat Diving Boards and Resolutions

So you are making your resolutions for the new year, good for you. You are resolving to lose a little weight, eat healthier and get more exercise, that’s nice. While you are at it, you should resolve to limit the amount of time you spend on your smartphone, save more money and drink less wine.…

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Pontoon Diving Boards and Boating Myths

There are two types of people in the world; there are those who boat and those who don’t. Boating is adventurous, relaxing and fun and quite honestly, we don’t understand why everybody doesn’t do it. It could have to do with the misconceptions there are about boating. This is a shame because you might not…

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Diving Board for Boats and Naming Your Boat

Seas the Day Luna Sea Nauti Buoy Aquaholic The one thing these phrases have in common is that they are really awesome boat names. Given the folklore surrounding boat names, people are often quite hesitant to rename a boat they bought used. If this is the case, either get over it or buy a new,…

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Boat Diving Boards and Water Tubing

We happen to think that water tubing is one of the most fun activities on the water. It comes in close second after diving into the water from your diving board. Water tubing is an activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family. All you need to do it is a body of water,…

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Pontoon Diving Boards and Boating Games

Typically, when you think about the games you can play while boating, you don’t think about games that you stand in the water to play. But there are games that you can play standing in the water. There are also several games you can play on the beach or even on your boat. If you…

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Diving Boards for Boats and Boating Etiquette

As a recreational sport, boating has been around for several hundred years. And during this time many traditions and customs have been developed in order to help relieve the stresses involved when many boats are on the same lake or in the same area. When you take up boating, you don’t get a pamphlet with…

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Boat Diving Boards and Boat Terms

Buying a boat can be confusing for anyone who hasn’t studied up on their boating jargon. After all, when the salesman talks about things like berth, ballast and bow, you might want to know what those words mean. You don’t have to be an expert on boats or know everything there is to know about…

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