What are the dimensions of the diving board?

LilliPad Diving Boards compact design allows it to fit onto just about any  boat with a flat, strong, mounting surface. Pictured below are the dimensions of the assembled diving board and Underfloor mounting plates  which are secured to the bottom of the boat.  If  LilliPad Surface Mounting Plates are used, the plates match the profile of the diving board base, thus the dimensions mirror the diving board base.

will a lillipad diving board work on my boat?

I only have one side door, How will we get on and off of our boat?

LilliPad Diving Boards are designed to be put up and taken down easily.  Most boat owners will stow their diving board when it is not in use and put it up when they want to use it.  Thus, while someone is anchoring your boat in your chosen destination another person can quickly assemble your LilliPad Diving Board.  Daily installation takes less than one minute. 

Underfloor Mount Plates

where does it mount?

Most boat owners will find that the best place to mount their LilliPad Diving Board is on a rear swim deck or platform or at the side door of their boat. Other options include bow mounts, rear mounting or side mounting over the handrail depending on the configuration of the boat .